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OSTicket sobre nginx + mariadb + php7 en Debian 9

#apache2 #codigo #debian #mysql #nginx #osticket #php #sistemas #tickets

Osticket es un software que sirve para gestionar incidencias. Lo que viene a ser un software en el que puedes dar soporte a algo mediante tickets. Los/las usuarios/as abren un ticket o realizan el seguimiento de alguno abierto. Las personas que dan soporte pueden ir al mismo tiempo gestionando esto con cuentas en osticket de […]


XMPP based tickets and merge requests with SàT

Interesting idea: A distributed bug tracking system based on XMPP. It even has MRs (merge requests) for git and mercurial. The developer,, claim the following advantages:
  • it's decentralized and federated, no need to have X accounts to use X tickets handlers. You can also import tickets from third party projects (e.g. plugins for your project) into your website.
  • it's standard: we can handle or fetch tickets in third party servers easily, without proprietary API.
  • it's very flexible: any field can be used, and the mechanism can be used for any list (bug tracker, TODO list, shopping list, etc.)
  • being based on SàT, it's usable on any platform
  • it can be used with gateways, allowing to use transparently tickets from other services (think about Gitlab or Github for instance)
There is also a short demo video. Nice!

(Someone must package sat_pubsub for Debian!)

#xmpp #bugtracker #git #mercurial #freesoftware #salutatoi #python #tickets #decentralisation