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Raspbian update: first-boot setup wizard and more


#desktop #raspberry pi resources #raspbian #stretch
Raspbian update: first-boot setup wizard and more

#debian #stretch #libreoffice #gnome #bug

I decided I want to give #Wayland a shot. The problem is that it seems that Wayland only works on #GNOME3, and so far my experience with a #Debian #Stretch GNOME session on Wayland is: too many bugs.

The first: SSH_AUTH_SOCK gets set to /run/user/1000/keyring/ssh, but there's no such socket. My current workaround: generate / connect to an existing SSH agent. Yeah, this is what happens when you can't start them all from the same session. I used to use a variation of this for sharing a single ssh-agent instance for multiple logins to a remote server: This is to be sourced (.) from somewhere:

_fix_ssh_agent_info() {
local ssh_socket ssh_pid
local my_uid=$(id -u)
ssh_socket=$(find /tmp/ssh-*/agent.* -uid "$my_uid" | head -n1)
if [ "$ssh_socket" = '' ]; then
eval ssh-agentreturn

export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$ssh_socket" SSH_AGENT_PID="$ssh_pid"

case "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" in
/run/user/*/keyring/ssh) _fix_ssh_agent_info;;

unset _fix_ssh_agent_info