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XMPP based tickets and merge requests with SàT

Interesting idea: A distributed bug tracking system based on XMPP. It even has MRs (merge requests) for git and mercurial. The developer,, claim the following advantages:
  • it's decentralized and federated, no need to have X accounts to use X tickets handlers. You can also import tickets from third party projects (e.g. plugins for your project) into your website.
  • it's standard: we can handle or fetch tickets in third party servers easily, without proprietary API.
  • it's very flexible: any field can be used, and the mechanism can be used for any list (bug tracker, TODO list, shopping list, etc.)
  • being based on SàT, it's usable on any platform
  • it can be used with gateways, allowing to use transparently tickets from other services (think about Gitlab or Github for instance)
There is also a short demo video. Nice!

(Someone must package sat_pubsub for Debian!)

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Salut à Toi 0.6.1 arrived in Debian unstable!

Great news! This makes it easy to try out SàT before its next "big" release 0.7!

Unfortunately, the Libervia web interface is not yet packaged, because of its dependency of Pyjamas, which is currently not in Debian. Volunteers welcome.

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Debian Package Tracker

goffi wrote the following post:
We have released Libervia (Salut à Toi) 0.6.1.

Salut à Toi is a multipurpose multi frontend communication tools (social network) based on XMPP.

You can see the release note on (the blog is based on Libervia).

Next release (0.7) is on its way, and will be the first "general public" one (i.e. well tested and more easy to install)
He is a small preview of progression with language detection:

Desktop/mobile devices frontend is also on its way.

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Jappix no longer maintained

I just found this commit:Notice: the Jappix project is no longer maintained. We still accept PR (Pull Requests) though.Bad news, but it is free software, so other people may take over. And there are other XMPP based social networks, too, e.g. Movim and Salut à toi. #jappix #xmpp #movim #salutatoi

No longer maintained · jappix/jappix@941df95

Signed-off-by: Valerian Saliou <>
Has anybody experience with #salutatoi or #libervia? (Or with #movim or #jappix?) Looks very promising, but it seems, that there are not many public servers around, or am I wrong?

(For those who do not knowing, what I’m talking about: It’s about free, federated social networks, based on XMPP.)
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