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The Jabber Spam Fighting Manifesto

Version 0.3, 2017-12-30

The Jabber network (a federated set of thousands of servers with many
tens or hundreds thousands of users) is under a continuous flood of spam
messages for multiple years. Similar to the open email relays of the
mid-1990s, public (and often abandoned) XMPP servers are being abused to
deliver those messages.

We, as the operators of public XMPP servers, commit to the following
Server Policies to fight spam on our servers, and we announce our intent
to block incoming communication from public servers that distribute spam
messages and do not adhere to the Server Policies. Furthermore, we
will inform other Public Server operators and the general public of
domains sending spam and not reacting to abuse reports.

Server Policies

A Public Server is an XMPP server that allows both the registration of
accounts by third parties (either via [In Band Registration][XEP-0077]
or by other means, like a web form), and federation to other XMPP
servers, making it possible for its users to reach out to other XMPP

The operators of a Public Server shall perform the following actions to
fight spam:

* Implement [XEP-0157: Contact Addresses for XMPP Services][XEP-0157] and
react to incoming abuse reports in a timely fashion.

* Limit the number of new user registrations per IP address and hour.

* Monitor or block registrations from IP addresses with bad reputation
(open proxy servers, Tor exit nodes), or enforce additional checks on
those users, like a CAPTCHA or a valid phone number.

* Throttle the traffic from local clients, especially unsolicited
subscription requests and messages.



With our signature under this Manifesto, we assure that our servers are
already following the above stated Server Policies.

Starting with July 1st, 2018, we will start blocking incoming server
connections from Public Servers not following the Server Policies above,
if those are forwarding spam messages to our users. The blocking message
will contain a reference to this Manifesto.



Georg Lukas, (

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