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- #Pretty in #pink: a #rosy view of a #Corsican #town – in #pictures
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French artist Andria Darius Pancrazi takes photographs of pink buildings – a common sight in his home town of Bastia, a city on the island of Corsica. “Bastia is a very pink city,” he says. “From pale pinks to deep corals, from the 18th-century to the modern buildings, pink is a very popular choice there.” The colour has been a shifting source of inspiration for the artist. “For image-making, I find that pink is very versatile, as it can be both a cold or a warm colour, depending on the light. Also, it is a colour that suffers from social stigma and cliches, so it’s fun to work with that and go against the grain of the prejudice.” Pancrazi now lives in Oxford, and his photographic series began with a desire to revisit the Mediterranean city where he grew up. “It started as an aestheticisation of my home town and the memories I had there,” he explains. “Living abroad, in a fairly different climate, prompted me to find the reality that was hidden beyond those ethereal memories.”