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mancho / libpurple-omemo-plugin · GitLab

This is a prototype plug-in for Jabber/XMPP accounts to support 1:1 end-to-end encryption with OMEMO (XEP-0384) in Pidgin and other compatible clients using libpurple. It doesn't have graphical trust management yet. See Usage on how to activate and configure it "by hand".

It allows Pidgin to be OMEMO-compatible with Conversations (Android), Gajim (desktop - with OMEMO plug-in) and riba's Pidgin OMEMO plug-in (aka Lurch)1.

DISCLAIMER: This plug-in is a prototype with academic purposes only. It is in experimental state and in constant development. It is not intended to be used on production environments. Do not rely on this plug-in to protect sensitive information. If you use it you are on your own and I take no resposibility for any damage, harm or loss you, your system, your data or your cat might suffer.


#omemo #xmpp #pidgin #jabber

i never used #riot, just #tox , #pidgin + otr / OMEMO