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Movim migrates its official server to ejabberd

Movim is a distributed social networking platform founded in 2010. It can be accessed using existing XMPP clients and Jabber accounts, and is a free and open source software licensed under the AGPL.

With version 0.12 released in October, Movim migrated its official server to ejabberd. Before, they were using Metronome, a Prosody fork. Today, we are chatting with Timothée Jaussoin, the founder of Movim, about this very complex migration.
We now have a proper packaging for our Linux distribution – Debian, which certainly makes it easier to maintain. There’s also an improved scalability and more stable CPU and memory consumption, which helps to predict hardware requirements.
Even if I see ejabberd more as a tool that needs integration and tuning to create a proper platform, ejabberd seems to be the more serious solution to build proper messaging systems using the XMPP protocol.
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XMPP Mobile groupchat — Introducing MUC Subscription (MUC Sub)

Sounds like a good idea: XMPP groupchat (MUC) without needing presence, i.e. staying in without being online all the time. IMHO, not only interesting for mobile, but all users. #xmpp #muc #ejabberd