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Calling all coders!

It’s been wonderful to see so many new members joining our community over the past few days. <3

You might already have noticed that diaspora\* is missing some features that you’d really like to use.

As an open-source Free Software project, diaspora\* is created by its community. Now that you’re part of this community, we’d love you to help us improve it for everyone.

The main issue that slows the pace of development is simply developer time. To increase developer time and so increase the speed of development, the project needs more developers!

Help us improve the software

If you can code, or want to learn, we’d like to hear from you! diaspora* is built on Ruby on Rails, with many JavaScript elements. Have a look at our guide to contributing to diaspora*.
  • Get in touch with our core team before you start work on anything to discuss your proposed contribution. That way we can make sure that your contribution will fit well into the existing structure.
  • Some of the bigger features can be pretty complex, so it might be a good idea to start with simpler issues until you’ve become familiar with the code and diaspora\* itself.
  • We manage development via GitHub’s issue tracker. Look especially for issues tagged with the help wanted and newcomer labels.
If you know someone who can code, and you think they might be interested in this project, tell them about diaspora\* and encourage them to consider contributing!

Even if you don't code, there are still plenty more ways to help. Check our wiki for ideas.

Thank you! <3

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I work in mobile app development and the technology out there to spy on you is pretty insane. There is a whole industry for snooping and reselling data. Here are some examples.

There are several SDKs (software development kits) that offer fingerprinting identity services. Meaning, when someone opens your app, it checks their device ID, IP address, GPS location, email address, etc. and makes a match to an identity. You then use this SDK to track their behavior in your app, such as purchases, interests, demographics, preferences, etc. This data is stored along with all the other apps that use the SDK. Now as an upsell, I can buy all of your behavior data from every other app that uses the same service. From the moment you install the app I know everything about you.

There are SDKs that don’t even offer a service, they just straight up pay the app maker to let their agent sit and collect data and send it up to their servers. Mostly location data.

My favorite is there’s an SDK that actually records the screen while you use the app, and the video gets sent up to the server for the app maker to see how you use their app in real time. It also tracks all of your views, swipes, and button presses tied to the video for analytics.

Basically, you should assume that every moment you are using an internet connected device, you are being observed, scrutinized, and analyzed so that someone can sell you more shit.

They are really good at this, and getting better every year. You think Facebook is listening to your microphone to serve you ads at the moment you are discussing a product? They don’t need to. They know you that well.

Edit: A lot of people are asking for specific examples of this monitoring tech. There are a ton of small players. So an example of location tracking is Tamoco. An example of behavior tracking is (they don't advertise the data mining, but it's a back-end deal). And session monitoring is AppSee or HotJar. There are many more that I haven't heard of.

There are a ton of data resellers out there. They're typically small startups who buy and sell data, and they compete on having the most comprehensive and clean data sets. We get approached by a data reseller maybe once a month, either trying to buy our data or sell us data.

Edit: A lot of people are flippant about this idea because you "don't click on ads" or you "don't buy anything". There are people who aren't interested in just selling you products. How about voting for a particular political candidate, or for/against a ballot measure? How about selling you a particular world view? Propaganda is just like advertising, they're just selling you an idea instead of a product.
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Debian developer Matthieu Caneill announced today the new URL for Debsources. For those who do not know it: With Debsources you can search in the complete source code of Debian. This is very nice, when you like to learn, how your operating system or applications work, if you like to learn a new computing language, if you like to find an attack vector for your latest hack or you like to prevent the latter. It is like the late Google codesearch, but free as in freedom. Try out and have fun!
Dear developers,

We're happy to announce that Debsources, the Web application that
allows to browse and search the entire source code of all Debian
releases, is now hosted on the official Debian infrastructure and
available at

You may already know this service as previously hosted at . We took the move to Debian hardware as the
opportunity to officially announce it here.

Service description

Debsources is a web service that exposes the content of Debian source
packages on the Web, both via an HTML user interface and a JSON API
[0]. To that end, an updater runs regularly (currently 4 times a day)
to unpack and index new packages from all the available Debian
suites. It also runs various plugins, for example to count lines of
code and measure the size of packages; this information is exposed in
the interface.


Since all extracted information is stored in a PostgreSQL database,
various data warehouse features are available, such as the list of
file duplicates for every file, or package name search.

More than source code

Worth noting are two "sub-apps" that run on the same infrastructure:

* patches [1]: for packages using 3.0 (quilt) package format, the list
of patches is extracted and exposed, along with some metadata.

* copyright [2]: the copyright files of packages are exposed through
this interface, and displayed in a convenient way if they are
machine readable.


Learn more

Debsources has been described extensively and used to conduct various
studies on the Debian source code. To learn more check out the paper:

Matthieu Caneill, Daniel M. Germán, Stefano Zacchiroli. The Debsources
Dataset: Two Decades of Free and Open Source Software. In Empirical
Software Engineering, Volume 22, pp. 1405-1437, June, 2017

An open access preprint of the paper and additional information about
Debsources are available on the Debsources documentation page [3].



Many credits go to everyone who submitted patches and feedback over
the years, thank you! In particular, Stefano Zacchiroli started the
project and wrote the updater infrastructure, and Orestis Ioannou
developed the patches/ and copyright/ apps.

This new instance of the service is hosted by DSA - without whom would not exist. Many thanks to the whole team for
their guidance in the d.n -> d.o migration, and in particular to
Julien Cristau and Peter Palfrader.

The previous instance of Debsources had been hosted by IRILL [4]for
more than 4 years, who has also spearheaded the initial development of
the service - thanks for the non-interrupted service!


As always, we're more than happy to hear your feedback; you can
contact us at . (See the footer
of the Debsources web page for bug report and contribution

For the Debsources team,

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Tara dévoile l'état de santé des récifs polynésiens

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Tara dévoile l'état de santé des récifs polynésiens

Tara vient d’achever une campagne inédite dans l’archipel des Tuamotu, à l’est de Tahiti. Établi grâce à des prélèvements, des opérations de comptage ou encore l'utilisation de l’HyperDiver, un prototype de scanner sous-marin, le constat des scientifiques est sans appel : les récifs polynésiens que l’on pensait jusqu’ici épargnés par les effets du changement climatique ont en réalité subi de profonds bouleversements.


Death by 1000 ecmascripts

What is wrong with today's generation of "web developers"? Have they forgotten the bad old days of "this site is best viewed with ..."? Why do programmers have no consideration of web standards and true accessibility, independent of the type of user ( Just tried the web site hyperlink in the post below; doesn't load using elinks, lynx, midori, icecat. The 'noscript' extension of icecat shows scripts neeed to be loaded from geevil, cloudfront, tinymce and the host server minds. Even with these permitted, the web page fails to load. As the saying goes: those ignorant of history and damned to repeat it.

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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

Pil e sviluppo sostenibile, non si può crescere per sempre - Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Non si può crescere per sempre

La scorsa settimana ho visitato l’Open Innovation Days, organizzato a Padova dall’Università degli Studi e da Il Sole24 ore. Una bella rassegna dedicata allo sviluppo sostenibile, alla democrazia e informazione e alla medicina del futuro. Uno degli eventi che ho seguito con particolare interesse è stato la proiezione del film Last call di Enrico Cerasuolo. Il …