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Just in case you are interested, the great GNU-supported P2P + SIP communication software #Ring is currently being renamed to #Jami ->

I can recommend it, I have been a very happy user for a few months.

#GNU #openSource #decentralisation #encryption


XMPP based tickets and merge requests with SàT

Interesting idea: A distributed bug tracking system based on XMPP. It even has MRs (merge requests) for git and mercurial. The developer,, claim the following advantages:
  • it's decentralized and federated, no need to have X accounts to use X tickets handlers. You can also import tickets from third party projects (e.g. plugins for your project) into your website.
  • it's standard: we can handle or fetch tickets in third party servers easily, without proprietary API.
  • it's very flexible: any field can be used, and the mechanism can be used for any list (bug tracker, TODO list, shopping list, etc.)
  • being based on SàT, it's usable on any platform
  • it can be used with gateways, allowing to use transparently tickets from other services (think about Gitlab or Github for instance)
There is also a short demo video. Nice!

(Someone must package sat_pubsub for Debian!)

#xmpp #bugtracker #git #mercurial #freesoftware #salutatoi #python #tickets #decentralisation


Mastodon: an alternative implementation of GNU Social

mastodon/ at master · Gargron/mastodon · GitHub
#Mastodon is a free, open-source #social #network server. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your #communication. Anyone can run Mastodon and participate in the social network seamlessly.

An alternative implementation of the GNU social project. Based on #ActivityStreams, #Webfinger, #PubsubHubbub and #Salmon.


#openSource #freeSoftware #decentralisation #socialNetwork #OStatus #microblogging


Decentralisation, federation and data export

In response to a recent announcement (, when is full data export/import going to be possible? What is the priority level of this essential feature of de-centralisation?

#podmin #diaspora #bug #question #dataexport #decentralisation #federation

I'm sorry to announce that, after 3 years of service, I will close ...

I'm sorry to announce that, after 3 years of service, I will close this Pod on the 23rd of December.
The reason is that I lost interest in maintaining the Pod, and since I will move my other services to a cheaper server I figured that this might be a good time to put an end to this.
Please download all your data prior to this date, so you can maybe transfer them to a new Pod in the future (given the Account Migration Feature ever gets implemented).
Thanks for the great time and see you somewhere else maybe :)
#podmin #diaspora

How BitTorrent Works How BitTorrent Works - #bittorrent #protocol #standard #webtorrent #popcorntime #blockchain #p2p #decentralisation #torrent #magnet #sharing

How BitTorrent Really Works

BitTorrent is both ambitious and simple. BitTorrent is a P2P protocol in which peers coordinate to distribute requested files. In order t...


@ IMAL BXL : Blockchain. Fact. Fiction. Future

4 & 5 November 2016 Symposium, Showcase & Hacklab

[EN]Blockchain is the revolutionary technology that underlies cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Its potential uses extend far beyond its initial purpose, turning upside-down numerous fields, from economics to creative industries or politics. This event brings together artists, activists, hackers, designers and scientists to question and discuss the disruptive, cultural and creative potential of this technology.

[FR]Blockchain est la technologie révolutionnaire qui sous-tend les cryptomonnaies comme Bitcoin, mais dont le potentiel dépasse de loin son usage initial. Blockchain est partout et bouleverse de nombreux domaines, de l’économie aux industries créatives, en passant par la politique. Cet événement rassemble artistes, activistes, hackers, designers et scientifiques pour débattre du potentiel disruptif, culturel et créatif de blockchain.

[NL]Blockchain is de revolutionaire technologie, die aan de basis ligt van cryptovaluta zoals Bitcoin. Haar potentie reikt echter veel verder dan het oorspronkelijke doel en veroorzaakt heel wat opschudding in de economische en politieke wereld. Dit evenement brengt kunstenaars, activisten, hackers, ontwerpers en wetenschappers samen, die zich buigen over het ontwrichtende, culturele en creatieve potentieel van deze technologie.


SYMPOSIUM (04/11, 14:00-18:00) A unique panel of international experts. With: Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), Jaromil, Yves Moreau (KU Leuven), Chris Speed (University of Edinburgh), Jelle Gerbrandy (Backfeed), Nicolas Loubet (Cellabz), Max Dovey, Enric Duran (FairCoop)

SHOWCASE (04/11, 20:00 – 22:00) An exhibition of projects that challenge or take advantage of the blockchain technology. With: Thomas König (Faircoin), Jaromil (D-CENT), David Guez, LarbitsSisters (LARbitsLAB), Max Dovey, Rieul Techer (Paillasse Saône), Xavier Lavayssière (Les Bricodeurs)

REM: I’ll consider making a pirate intervention there if possible during the symposium to raise some points, as this IMAL is actually a centralising and castrating institution for digital arts for years, that even claims it loud and clear to be THE Center of digital art in Brussels, crushing and impeaching all other french speaking initiative that does not serve it’s master mind that has it’s own “friends” and “servants”, it has infiltrated political circles and art commissions to impose it’s own view, segregating all other creators and thinkers that does not let themselve dominated or recuperated by him/it … what an irony to invite people like Jaromil or Michel Bauwens to talk about P2P in that temple of centralisation ! To note : nothing about the #RTM and free/libre money neither … the so-called expert is always behind the real advances in the fields, but always mock those that have new ideas as “idealists” until it shows mainstream… (special dedicace to f.ex.) and keeps artists poor with its attitude (beside showing a lot of BS IMHO…) !

#TRM #P2P #brussels #decentralisation #digitalarts #alternative #economy


LBRY - Play, Share, Earn

Have you people heard about #LBRY? It is a decentralised digital #library project based on a #blockchain technology and #currency.

Do we need it? Does it make sense to you? I think that anything that tries to make cultural work distribution more in tune with the Internet age, and that bases it on #FreeSoftware, is a good thing. I'm definitely curious to see how it works out, and what other people think about it.

If you want to ask for an invite, you can also make me earn a couple of LBRY coins by using this link:


LBRY - Play, Share, Earn

Meet LBRY, a content sharing and publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by its users.