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Mini-DebConf 2017 Toulouse this weekend

Saturday, 2017-11-18 and Sunday, 2017-11-19

Talks in French and English about Debian, Let's Encrypt, Ansible, Accessibility, Privacy, and more

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DebianEvents/fr/2017/Toulouse - Debian Wiki

DebianEvents/fr/2017/Toulouse - Debian Wiki

note by Marcelo Santana -

All recorded DebConf16 sessions have already been reviewed and published by our video team, you can find them here:
And don't forget, now the Subtitles team NEEDS YOU!

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Debconf video are being published right now

DebConf16 videos already available! -

Thanks video team, numerous videos from the DebConf16 talks are already available for download and watch. DebConf16 continues all along the week; today is the DayTrip; talks and BoFs will resume on Thursday.
Grab the videos from, or even better try to help the Video Team (some tasks can be done remotely, including subtitling, which can also be done online, and even for just part of one video).

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Debconf streaming and kudos to the video team

With Debconf being in South Africa, a lot of people (like me) probably weren't able to attend and are missing the cheese and wine party, mao games and general socialization that is happening there.

One thing we don't have to miss, however, are the talks: as usual the video team is doing a great job recording and streaming all talks so that people can still participate a bit from their home.

What they do, however, requires a lot of manpower, so if you are attending Debconf please consider volunteering to help: from my experience last year they are very nice people who are welcoming towards new contributors and they have periodical training sessions to help people getting started with the various tasks. More informations about video team meetings and training session are in the topic of the IRC channel, #debconf-video@OFTC.

I don't think there are cookies involved (which just proves that the video team isn't evil), but you may get a t-shirt and you will get a warm fuzzy feeling of having helped people around the world.

@Debian #debconf
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