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Biboumi - An XMPP-IRC Gateway

Debian maintainer Vasudeva Kamath writes in their blog:
IRC is a communication mode (technically a communication protocol) used by many Free Software projects for communication and collaboration. It is serving these projects well even 30 years after its inception. Though I'm pretty much okay with IRC I had a problem of not able to use IRC from the mobile phones. Main problem is the inconsistent network connection, where IRC needs always to be connected. This is where I came across Biboumi.
Biboumi by itself does not have anything to do with mobile phones, its just a gateway which will allow you to connect with IRC channel as if it is a XMPP MUC room from any XMPP client. Benefit of this is it allows to enjoy some of XMPP feature in your IRC channel (not all but those which can be mapped).
He then explains in detail how to configure Ejabberd with Biboumi and how to actually use Biboumi from the XMPP client, e.g. Conversations. Worth a read!

I'm using Biboumi, too. Both via the wonderful social network site, but also at my company, where we run it behind the Prosody XMPP server.

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On the demise of Slack's IRC / XMPP gateways

Say no to Slack.

Debian developer Gunnar Wolf writes:
I have grudgingly joined three Slack workspaces, due to me being part of proejects that use it as a communications center for their participants. Why grudgingly? Because there is very little that it adds to well-established communications standards that we have had for long ~~years~~ decades.
On this topic, I must refer you to the talk and article presented by Megan Squire, one of the clear highlights of my participation last year at the 13th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS2017): «Considering the Use of Walled Gardens for FLOSS Project Communication». Please do have a good read of this article.
Thing is, after several years of playing open with probably the best integration gateway I have seen, Slack is joining the Embrace, Extend and Extinguish">-minded companies. Of course, I strongly doubt they will manage to extinguish XMPP or IRC, but they want to strengthen the walls around their walled garden...
So, once they have established their presence among companies and developer groups alike, Slack is shutting down their gateways to XMPP and IRC, arguing it's impossible to achieve feature-parity via the gateway.
Of course, I guess all of us recognize and understand there has long not been feature parity. But that's a feature, not a bug! I expressly dislike the abuse of emojis and images inside what's supposed to be a work-enabling medium. Of course, connecting to Slack via IRC, I just don't see the content not meant for me.
The real motivation is they want to control the full user experience.
Well, they have lost me as a user. The day my IRC client fails to connect to Slack, I will delete my user account. They already had record of all of my interactions using their system. Maybe I won't be able to move any of the groups I am part of away from Slack – But many of us can help create a flood.
Say no to predatory tactics. Say no to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish. Say no to Slack.
See also @Carl Chenet, another Debian developer, post The Slack Threat.

Btw. I never used Slack, but some people still try to drag me into it. I stay with XMPP, and in IRC by means of the biboumi XMPP-IRC gateway.

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biboumi 7.0 released

biboumi is an XMPP server component, that acts as a gateway to IRC. It is used e.g. by and other public XMPP servers. But it is also very easy to install and configure on your own XMPP server, if you happen to run one.

According to the changelog, the new version supports PostgreSQL in addition to SQLite and fixes a number of bugs.

You may want to join the XMPP MUC, especially if you are a C++ hacker and like to help.

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Use IRC from XMPP with Debian

Biboumi 6.1-1~bpo9+1 and Prosody 0.10.0-1~bpo9+1 are now available in Debian 9 (stable, stretch) via backports. Biboumi is a gateway from XMPP to IRC and can be used with Prosody or any other XMPP server. It allows XMPP users to join IRC channels as if they were MUCs. Very useful!

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