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Public Jabber Chat rooms

Christopher Muclumbus: A listing of public XMPP/Jabber chat rooms/groups.

If you are in a public MUC, that is not yet listed, you can add it by inviting to the room. In Gajim, you have to type in the message field when you are in the specific chatroom: /invite

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Movim migrates its official server to ejabberd

Movim is a distributed social networking platform founded in 2010. It can be accessed using existing XMPP clients and Jabber accounts, and is a free and open source software licensed under the AGPL.

With version 0.12 released in October, Movim migrated its official server to ejabberd. Before, they were using Metronome, a Prosody fork. Today, we are chatting with Timothée Jaussoin, the founder of Movim, about this very complex migration.
We now have a proper packaging for our Linux distribution – Debian, which certainly makes it easier to maintain. There’s also an improved scalability and more stable CPU and memory consumption, which helps to predict hardware requirements.
Even if I see ejabberd more as a tool that needs integration and tuning to create a proper platform, ejabberd seems to be the more serious solution to build proper messaging systems using the XMPP protocol.
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