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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"
IMO many financial instruments other than cryptocurrencies are ponzi schemes as well, or at least speculative bubbles. It may as well be impossible to create a censorship-resistant digital currenct that isn't prone to become such a bubble, but I don't know enough abiut economy to be able to tell.

Maybe calling all cryptocurrencies a ponzi scheme is an exaggeration, but calling it "crypto" isn't good either.
In the Hebrew Wikipedia the name used means "distributed currency".

Botta di vita ieri sera al concertone di Elio che cantava Iannacci. Etá media 70.
Photo by Paola Galattica on July 15, 2021. May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors.

no, nonno.. "Iannacci".. ha detto "Iannacci".. ora siediti e rimetti la dentiera che la gente ti guarda male...

La location merita. Speriamo il tempo regga...

Il tempo ha retto, fortunatamente :)

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The flying saucer crash-landed in the back paddock, startling a few sheep. The bedraggled alien couple traipsed up to the farmhouse and knocked on the front door.

After they got off the phone with their embassy, I took my chance. “I don’t suppose, you could, er, take a look at my, um, printer? While you’re here?”

The aliens glanced at each other and then one said, apologetically, “Our kind may be technologically advanced, but even we cannot fix printers.”


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I was all ready when the genie offered me three wishes. “A faster-than light spaceship, a very sensitive directional radio antenna, and a video recorder.”

Now I’m 54 light years from home, I’ve got my antenna pointed at Earth, and my finger poised over the Record button.

And it just occurs to me that I could have asked the genie for a copy of the lost Doctor Who episodes, and I’d still have two wishes left.

your stories are great, and very clever :-). Keep em coming!
What mattered was the journey, not the destination!

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Today is Gajim’s birthday! 🎉 Seventeen years of Instant Messaging with open standards and open source software.

#chat #xmpp #foss

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There is only one proper way to compile #Linux kernels in the Italian summer

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Fun fact!

Everyone remembers that the newton is named after Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity, and that the kilogram is named after Lord Humphrey Kilogram, who climbed trees to drop apples on Newton.

But few remember Pierre de Litre, who introduced water to France.

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We went from the Turing Test, where a computer tries to convince a human that it is not a computer but a real person, to Captchas, where humans try to convince a computer they're a real person, not a computer.

My #jolla1 died yesterday 😢️.
My involvement in #SailfishOS apps development is quite stopped now...
My condolences. Mine did 2 years ago. I miss it. I've gone to the #fairphone #FP3 and had to go back to Android…
I'm currently using the old Wiko Jerry that was using my wife. Going back to Android from #SailfishOS is soooo difficult...
I put my hopes in the pinephone, that one day not too far will be usable as a daily phone :)
Oh no. You might be able to get a JollaC for ~40€ on the SailfishOS forum. I saw many threads...

Anyone on fediverse knows if #pentabarf xml can declare a timezone in which talks times are? I can't find anything about that on the net...

Penguins on a Plane

questa è vecchia, recuperata grazie alla wayback machine. L'originale è del 2007. Purtroppo mancano le immagini di contorno

Un'agente dell'FBI porta a bordo di un aereo dei pinguini, senza sapere che il personaggio seduto a fianco a lui è un dirigente microsoft.
Quando, per una turbolenza, i pinguini scappano dalla stiva facendo irruzione tra i passeggeri, il dirigente entra in panico e dirotta l'aereo, minacciando i piloti e le hostess con una copia di windows vista premium, urlando "developers! developers! developers!"
Sarà compito di un ornitologo in pensione (S.L. Jackson) riportare la situazione alla calma, ritornando a un mestiere che aveva lasciato per colpa di una tragica vicenda.

Confy 0.6.0

See changes here

ArchLinux AUR package is updated

Flatpak package is scheduled
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Appena ho cominciato a mangiare sono stato circondato da una banda di piccoli dinosauri piumati senza paura.
Mi sentivo a metà tra un film disney e jurassic park...
no, ero in centro a Como.

#sci-fi #blender #3d

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Online i video delle sessioni tematiche di MERGE-it 2021.


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sembra che so quello che sto facendo, ma per fortuna pare che le taccole lo sanno meglio di me...

standup work station #diy. keyboard is still a little to low...

Uhmmm...what I can see at the middle-left border? Seems to be a mithical keyboard...
It is. Unfortunately is not working

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Mr. Bond found some time to eat at local restaurant by the lake #amphicar #lakecomo #shotonpinephone

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"What gives people feelings of power"

Via @kagato
Chart: What gives people feeling of power:<br><br>Money: short bar<br><br>Status: longer bar<br><br>Using the terminal in front of non-programmers: very long bar

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Best description of BFTs I've seen so far.

There is also the italian version, if you like :D

The name is inspired.

#programming #esolang #baking #cake


Clicca per aprire/chiudere#tiramisu della casa
apperò! icomplimenti! :-D
purtroppamente è finito.

time to upgrade the home server...

So today I took my time to read SQLite docs about window functions and changed 3 queries (written copy&past-ing without really understand) which took almost 3 seconds to run, to one query which runs in 0.1 seconds.. nice :)

"Lazy afternoon"
Result of an afternoon of playing with Blender.
Models by me following techniques from Ian Hubert's Lazy Tutorials, except the two plants and pots, which I found on Blend Swap
Textures from Ikea catalog, except for the floor, which comes from an image search, and the two comics (by Leo Ortolani)

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GNOME: releases 40.0
the internet:

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