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So today I took my time to read SQLite docs about window functions and changed 3 queries (written copy&past-ing without really understand) which took almost 3 seconds to run, to one query which runs in 0.1 seconds.. nice :)

"Lazy afternoon"
Result of an afternoon of playing with Blender.
Models by me following techniques from Ian Hubert's Lazy Tutorials, except the two plants and pots, which I found on Blend Swap
Textures from Ikea catalog, except for the floor, which comes from an image search, and the two comics (by Leo Ortolani)

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Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

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Another great video @freehive. 👏
Nothing like MATE + Compiz. Thank you guys for building such an awesome desktop

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ChromaCam test

ChromaCam is a Python/Gtk/Gstreamer experiment to show a chroma-keyed webcam stream on desktop. Could be useful for screen-casts and screen sharing in video conferences.
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GNOME: releases 40.0
the internet:

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A cult classic Italian adventure game "Nippon Safes Inc." has been declared FREEWARE. #DOSGaming
Download DOS/Amiga versions here:
Blog about Dynabite & the game:
ScummVM announcement:

on #mobian unstable.
"danger" is the middle name of a friend of my former neighbour.

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experiment of the day:

Vala bindings for Zint barcode generator library , with a simple Gtk UI to generate barcodes

How did you know I need this! ?

My meagre attemt is here:
and also, can it get a Gtk.Image somehow? I was able to a) either save it to a file or retrieve an in-memory bitmap which could not be easily squeezed into a Gtk.Image.

Going to check it out.
You can load the bitmap into a Gdk.PixBuf, then you can do whatever.

I wanted to have the bitmap field as uint8[], mostly because looks vala-y and because it's what is in Gdk.PixBuf.from_data()'s signature).
I found that it needs a length to works with Gdk.PixBuf.from_data(), so I added the get_bitmap() method to set the length.. It works but I don't know if it's the correct solution... there so much things I'm not sure about and docs are useful only up to a point...

(as a side node, the zint.h header I have on disk has a bitmap_byte_length field which would be so good to use as length value for bitmap (setting it directly in field's annotation in vapi) but looks like is not used and docs doesn't mention it.....)
Oh for Vala's sake! I spent a day on this (vala is not a language I really know) and now there are already at least two vapi files ready 😃

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