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Linux distributions in a nutshell
Have to wait for Fedora to develop it, Arch to document it and Debian to package it. Only then can Ubuntu market it.

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Vorrei fare un ringraziamento all'inventore del Casera stagionato.

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A Demonstration of Modern Web Bloat

Soydevs are destroying the internet and now preventing me from eating. The internet is becoming so prohibitively bloated that doing very basic normie life things has become a huge affair and inconvenience. I just want to consooom informational content on the internet without being overburdened by trackers, ads, server-side scripting and other trash. My website: Please donate: Get all my videos off YouTube: or Odysee:$/invite/@Luke:7 BTC: bc1qk2dz5x6m3sjnkzf0mhlz9pmsz4xfjtjmfrgm9d XMR: 48jewbtxe4jU3MnzJFjTs3gVFWh2nRrAMWdUuUd7Ubo375LL4SjLTnMRKBrXburvEh38QSNLrJy3EateykVCypnm6gcT9bh OR affiliate links to things l use: Get a VPS and host a website or server for anything else. Get a cheap and reliable domain name with Epik. Get the Brave browser.$/invite/@Luke View my videos on LBRY. Get a bonus for joining. Get crypto-rich on Coinex. Get reduced exchange fees for 3 months. Get crypto-rich on Coinbase. We both get $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 in cryptocurrencies.
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#wip icon for a (not really) new #wip project: Collector, an app to organize collections of various kinds, built on top of lesana

(symbolic icon is still to do...)
symbolic icon done 👍

quick test:

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#TIL there are #ZIM files for entire #WikiBooks collections as well. This is the English language collection, for example:

That's a 4.6 GB download (just over a few HD movies) for 3100 books, free for use and available offline for reading in your phone or computer, anytime.

Magnet here:
Thank you for sharing!
you're welcome! There many other ZIM dumps in the Kiwix wiki if you're interested:

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A coworker¹ just pointed me to

🎵 The PEP 8 Song 🎵

¹ who is currently suffering through a (non blocking! I'm not evil) flake8 check I added to the CI of a project.

YouTube: 🎵 The PEP 8 Song 🎵 (Python Discord)

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Sospesa nel nulla, una barca sul lago #Lecco
barca in lontananza sul lago nella nebbia

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grazie 😃
Vidi una volta un paesaggio simile attraversando in auto il Chott el Jerid, da Tozeur a Kebili (un rettilineo di 80 km), dopo una giornata di pioggia.
Praticamente vedevi solo la strada e non c'era alcun orizzonte: impressionante!

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Getting into the mood for FOSDEM 2021 tip #1

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Getting into the mood for FOSDEM 2021 tip #3 Between talks turn on for a couple of minutes ;)

Ok, I just found that one of my favorite band from Jamendo not only has released a new album last year, after 13 years (!), but they are also on the fediverse @pornophonique
We’re glad that you found us even in this little corner of the internet. It’s cozy here. But hope to see you live on tour someday – stay strong!

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