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Yesssss , #confy on #Flathub
Let me spam a little bit more :)

@Elena ``of Valhalla''

Showcases are not only people painting environments with Krita, sometimes it's tailors designing garments with free/libre Valentina software :)
Immagine/foto lasagna...

ah... la lasagna... :)

Fabio is listening PineTalk Podcast with Podcast on PinePhone
Mi confermi che sfos non fa girare le app android su pinephone?
Confermo: la compatibilità android su sfos è un componente proprietario che tra l'altro richiede un kernel patchato apposito.
Nessun telefono su cui giri una versione di sfos "community" ha il supporto android, solo le immagini ufficiali di Jolla.

Confy WiP

New upcoming feature in Confy:
talk progress indicator

every "talk row" widget will show talk progress as a vertical bar on left side

On room page the result is a nice continuous bar that gives the idea of the progress of the whole room :)

On talk detail page, the bar span the top border:

get it from git or aur

#confy #FOSDEM2021
Would be an honor :D
I'm waiting for the app to be on flathub
Oh nice: Confy showed up on "New & Updated Apps" on flathub, but the app page return an error...
I'm sure I'm doing something wrong...

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