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A #dark #theme for #sourcehut (to be used with Stylus or whatever you use)
based on ~martijnbraam/sourcehut-dark script for greasemonkey.
Ok, I just copied out the css.

Confy è tra i "Featured projects" su Scusate se me la tiro...

che puzza (il pozzo, non la pizza)

2020-12-15 12:23:18
Fuck it. Let's end 2020 with a big bang.


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Confy 0.5.0

Confy 0.5.0 has been tagged.

What's new:
- Support schedules in ics format
- Fix touch-based navigation
- Fix talks ordering in talks lists
- Some more small touches

This release adds icalendar library as dependency (python-icalendar on Arch, python3-icalendar on Debian).

Confy is available on AUR

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#SailfishOS by #Jolla running on the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. This port works on most x86_64 devices that can run Ubuntu 20.04 and have a graphics card supported by Mesa. Disk images/rootfs is coming soon.

via -

"Regression Toward Cardiovascular Mean in Felis Catus via Sporadic Locomotion"
"Why Cats Sprint Out of the Room for No Apparent Reason"

1700 comuni italiani vincolati all'uso di Microsoft Office da parte di un singolo fornitore di sistemi gestionali: il nostro esposto alla Corte dei Conti.
@Gruppo Linux Como

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Microsoft says it found malicious software in its systems.
In a subsequent communication Microsoft declared: "We investigated and we found it was a registered copy of Windows 10"

I'm still waiting for the next big, complete, modern looking, light on memory, easy to use, adaptive, mobile-ready, hardware accelerated, open source, libre software, anti-corporation, business-friendly, AI-powered, gluten-free UI toolkit that everyone seems to need and ready to write everytime any toolkit announce a new release...
Then boy, do I have the toolkit for *you*! Step into my office, and prepare to be dazzled by the shutdown presentation I have prepared for you...
Oh, yea! Right.. "vibrant".. and it's missing also "retrocompatible to the pdp-11"

Kumiko, découpe de bande dessinée et lecture case par case

Lire une bande dessinée, chouette ! Sur un écran de téléphone, un peu moins.

Kumiko est un petit outil qui détecte les cases sur une page de bande dessinée, et fournit ces informations à un lecteur « case par case ». Plus besoin de zoomer à la main pour lire les bulles.

Vous voulez voir, essayer ?xkcd by Randall Munroe, #208, CC BY-NC 2.5xkcd par Randall Munroe, #208, CC BY‑NC 2.5

Des exemples sont proposés sur le site de démo, essayez de lire xkcd ou Pepper&Carott case par case !

Essayez aussi d’envoyer vos propres images pour voir comment Kumiko s’en sort.

Le projet, sous licence AGPL, est codé en Python et fait bon usage de la bibliothèque de reconnaissance d’images OpenCV, pour l’instant principalement pour la détection de contours. Le lecteur case par case est basé sur du JavaScript dans le navigateur.

Au fur et à mesure, des modèles de pages existants sont ajoutés pour servir de tests de non‑régression. Kumiko pourra ainsi découper proprement toujours plus de cases.

Au plaisir de vos retours sur ce projet !

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Commentaires : voir le flux Atom ouvrir dans le navigateur

Confy 0.4.1

Version 0.4.1 of Confy, the conferences schedule viewer for GNOME, has been tagged.
This release comes with support to libhandy 1.
A confy-git package on AUR has been created, for those of you using #archlinux

I've removed links to flatpak on project page because it never worked as it should. I'm planning to add Confi to flathub in a future.

I should start to write a propert changelog :)

#confy #gnome

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Also, I should proof-read when i write posts in English while I'm tired... 🤦

"Tornato al padre" mi sembra più.. come dire.. meno.. eh?

phillip k dick short story about a guy who realises he's a robot when he fails a captcha

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