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First bread made at home with sourdough (thanks @Elena ``of Valhalla'' )

durum wheat flour:

durum wheat flour / "00" flour mix:

Questa sera durante la settimanale riunione virtuale del GL-Como si terrà la serata “sales pitch” per linguaggi di programmazione: una serie di presentazioni
brevi nel quale cercare di convincere ad imparare un linguaggio di programmazione.

Il target sono persone con nozioni di programmazione: né completi
principianti né sviluppatori esperti.

Si parlerà di awk e di python.

Le presentazioni saranno in diretta all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat.

Appuntamento a partire dalle ore 21:00

A small update on #confy

A wip branch with updates to support future libhandy 1.0 (0.80.0 right now) has been created:

So far:
- It is possible to add a custom pentabarf url to the conferences list
- The map page now show the map, scrollable and zoomable. It's ugly but i works
- Map image and conference image are loaded asynchronously
- pages stack has been replaced with Handy.Deck, with support for swipe gesture to get back
So, now I'm trying to add some settings to the app.
I've populated the .gschema.xml file, but I can't manage to have the app found it, running on the host (I get a Gio.Settings without keys) or running it as a flatpak ("Settings schema is not installed").
Why it must be so difficult?
I think I'll go with a couple of python lines to replace this..
So after some hours spent on this, I noticed an error in compile logs:
the schema was invalid, but meson doesn't stop on test() errors... useful...

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