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OpenCast Live
Inizia: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 21:00
Finisce: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 22:00

Torna OpenCast in versione Live!

Martedì 26 maggio a partire dalle 21:00 saremo live all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat!

Opencast è il podcast del GL-Como che tratta di open source, software libero e tecnologia in generale.

Homemade Krumiri biscuits

Panico in Italia: per motivi di distanziamento sociale, da domani 14 maggio sono vietati non solo gli abbracci, le strette di mano e *hiavare, ma anche la gestualità popolare come da tabelle allegate. Gennaro Italico: “È un attentato alla libertà d’espressione, anche facciale”

Durante la pestilenza, per sentirmi meno solo, ho inventato un amico immaginario al quale parlare. Si chiama Vanvera.

#inkscape 1.0 !! 🥳 🎉

YouTube: Inkscape 1.0 is here! (Inkscape)

TIL* about Project Gemini
"Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space inbetween gopher and the web, striving to address (perceived) limitations of one while avoiding the (undeniable) pitfalls of the other."

Found about it via Castor ( ), a graphical gemini (+ gopher and finger) browser, written in #rust / #gtk , which I found thanks to the "Featured projects" list of Sourcehut Hub ( read more here )

So, obviously, I neeeeded a #gemini browser on my #sailfishos phone.

It's not yet here, but while experimenting I ended up writing a desktop browser for #gemini with #Qt and #QML which I called Alrisha :

At this point I neeeeeeeeed a presence on the 'gemini space'. But I'm not inclined to maintain it by hand. It will become stale quickly, I'm sure.

So I'm on the road to write an "ActivityPub C2S client via gemini". A web.. no, a gemini app that will render gemini pages from ActivityStream objects.

Just to publish this #microblog on gemini automatically. Because why not.

It's been written in #python using Jetforce

Here a screenshot of what I have now: on the left firefox shows my profile page via http/html, on the right the terminal running the gemini appserver, in the middle Alrisha rendering the result of the work...

*Thursday I Learned

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