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quando il chat bot markoviano comincia a capire come funzionano le cose...

@albertuxone ci stiamo preparando per festeggiare con te dopo la riapertura…

(oppure stiamo affondando i dispiaceri nei lievitati)
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entrambe, direi

Mostly I open a backing track on youtube and jam over it..

sometime I connect to some ninjam rooom at to jam online. I'm using JamTaba (a software that does not convince me completely..)

I'm not recording anything :)

Life is too short to format source code manually.

Videolezioni, Videotutorial e Videoesperimenti curati da Alan "Curiuss" Zamboni.
Accesso gratuito al tempo della pandemia.

I've got a lighting-fast #GNOME dashboard disabling most of the search providers. I'm not using them anyway.. I keep only File and Calculator 👍

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