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Leo: "and now some tips to live this day with lightheartedness!"
"you can read a good book"
"or study a foreign language"
"or exercise"
"or tidying wardrobes"

Tv: "tearing down this wall will cost you $ 3000, but you'll have the well-lit kitchen you wanted!"

"rate my setup"
Ha! Hahahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

Look ma! New site!

yes, ma. I copied it from Foliate.. sorry..

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Did you ask them first?
me copying the website

What's new in #confy today:

- nice button in headbar to update main menu list or event cached data
- nice overlay toaster to show notifications

- main menu data is updated automatically at start if older than one day
- event cache is updated automatically at open (if network is available).
- event data is downloaded asynchronously. This leave the UI responsive while downloading.
- talk detail page show "conflicting" starred talks

- Remind upcoming starred events with a system notification

What's wrong in #confy today:

- flatpak doesn't work anymore (see #1. I think it's related to sandbox permissions, but I can't understand how fix it. So, flatpak building in is disabled.
- The "+" button ("Add event from URL") is just a placeholder. More work must be done to support it correctly
- apart from event data, other downloads are still sync and block the ui
- I still have issues with Leaflet and folding.... I'm missing something here...

please, send help...

What's missing, in "likely it will land" order:

- Download all data asynchronously.
- An app menu is needed, with things like "options" and "back to event list" ...
- An options window, with things like "update event cache every" and "clear all cached data"
- The "Map" page is still a placeholder
- Support for FOSDEM's room status API

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#WIP #confy #flatpak built on sourcehut build service, with a nice artifact. :)

still a test. Next step, trigger build of master branch when pushed.

Hardware Acceleration is approximately 9.8 m/s² and is achieved by tossing your computer out the fucking window

but it's easy to organize at #fostdem

1. Find the bar
2. Drink beers watching the live streams


(cc @fabrixxm @fosdem)

Conf listing from Giggity data, I hope it's ok :)

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