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Today experiment
Pseudo-CSS to SVG "compiler"
Because perhaps it's easier to write than xml...
thinking about it, changing default xml namespace it can output any xml...

dai ma è stupendo🤩🙏🏼🍀
già, magico!🙏 🥰

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Internet in #Italia prima di WWW - Galactica, 1993


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Che bello quando i 250 GB si trovavano in tutto l'internet e non sul tuo disco 5 minuti dopo aver lanciato un calcolo!
Il mio provider! Quanti ricordi! Era il 1995!

and profile image, in one template, if you have it, like if you are from mastodon...
code here

open to suggestions for new templates

wow, that's cool.

Sikitikis - Metti un Tigre nel Doppio Brodo (2005)


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Messa a terra / Ground wire

e comunque, per la "messa" a terra serve un prete molto basso...
@Art of Stimart doppio carpiato con avvitamento. mi piace.
è una foto elettrizzante...

A List of Things People Blamed on Bicycles
O tempora o mores!
O tempura o moves!

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Star Trek"Come stai?"
"Sto Trek."

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Managed to spend some time on this.

#gtk4 #libadwaita #vala #pixelfed

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Oh zio è troppo vero

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Looks like people are still using my SailfishOS Friendica client.

As my Jolla1 died some time ago, I've stopped developing it, but I thought I could check how it works on newer sfos with the emulator.

But I can't find the code. I'm quite sure there is a git repo somewhere but I can't find it 🤦
Other half found!

Still didn't tried to build it..
The disk where I found first-half had newer code for front-end, but was missing the backend. The disk where I found the backend had an older code, but with divergent history (because, why push code on remote...).
So I'm not sure backend code is up-to-date with latest frontend...

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Kindly asked @FrOSCon yesterday to please add #confy and #mobile #linux to the list of supported platforms for the conference talk feed and it's already fixed: - thanks a lot!


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And with
merged, so you don't even need to copy and paste the URL!

@fabrixxm : #confy is great 🚀 🌈

#foss #mobile #mobilelinux #debian

ho dovuto farlo.

Oh no!
É un debian!
btw i use arch

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A Moon Dressed Like Saturn

Image Credit & Copyright: Francisco Sojuel #APOD


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Poser. Everybody knows Dreamcast was better.

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Having trouble with your Wi-Fi?

Maybe check the logs 🪵
A Wi-Fi box outside of a housing complex with a big log crashed into it

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Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

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Did you already decide how you’ll move forward?
Yes, I'll need to make some preparations. Might take a week or two. Watch this thread, and my blog.
dunno if this happened, but if there's ever a course on "thinking in rust" I'd be interested. This whole composition thing isn't clicking with me and seeing how real world problems would be solved with inheritance vs with composition would be great. Especially examples showcasing where composition shines and where it doesn't with workarounds.

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that would be awesome!
We like this and we’d love if this became a real app 😉

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Debconf 22 schedule is now online!

Why don't you paste the pentabarf schedule XML
into # and follow along on your # powered - other OSes are of course also welcome! - smartphone? 🎉

# # # @fabrixxm #
# @purism
Confy - an adaptive GTK conference schedule viewer - after importing the schedule for Debconf 22
Confy - an adaptive GTK conference schedule viewer - showing the talks scheduled for sunday 2022-07-17

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Would be great to have it know about dc22 out of the box:
Yup, as soon as it's added in it would also show up in confy out of the box!

# & The Shrines at Daste Bergamo

opening act by xiwt

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Forse ho esagerato con le quantità...

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@rastinza stessa cosa che mi sono detto

ecco perché oggi hai latitato! Malnàt
Ebbene si, mi hai scoperto! Social spioni!😁
ecco, qui c'è gente a cui si è rotta la timeline, e l'admin latita per andare a gozzovigliare! :D

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uops, interessante. si è messo ad aprirmi di default il tab preferiti. cliccando su ultima attività si vedono COSE
postando dal cellulo non son riuscito a taggare @Daniele Figini

birra? Ma cos?
Vai tra, non era mia 😁

@Chiese Brutte Senna Comasco, Como

Tutto cemento, forma ad hangar, cortili in cemento con grate in metallo. E filo spinato.

Non era catechismo, era un'ora d'aria.

C-130 trasporto truppe-angeliche

This one from @James Westman is very cool.

Now I need to hang a big monitor in the office and let this page up.

# # #

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