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Like to experiment with Debian, Gajim, XMPP?

Bored? Like to play? OK, here's my offer: If you run Debian testing or unstable and you are using XMPP, why not install Gajim and some of its plugins from Debian experimental? It probably will not work as smooth as the packages from stable, testing, or unstable, but you can run the freshest stuff ever!

Just put experimental into your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb experimental main

and install from it:
$ sudo apt install -t experimental gajim gajim-antispam gajim-httpupload gajim-omemo

So far, stuff works for me, but beware: Experimental is called experimental for a reason.

#debian #gajim #xmpp #experimental

Index of /debian

Index of /debian