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Available Debian package updates via XMPP

Long time ago, I needed an XMPP bot informing the admin chat room about Debian package updates on different machines. I didn't found one, so I hacked a small script, called Pain in the APT.

What does it do?

  • updates the APT cache and checks for updates
  • sends list of available updates to Jabber contacts or a conference room immediately
  • sends list of available updates and relevant changelogs (slow) to email recipients
  • downloads packages, but does not install them
Maybe it is useful for one or the other. It's in Debian unstable and testing (9/stretch), and via backports in stable (8/jessie) and oldstable (7/wheezy) as painintheapt.

#xmpp #bot #muc #debian #apt #jabber

Pain in the APT

awesome and thank you