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Leaving #Facebook & #Google world (and co.)

#Feedback and seeking your advises

I did it !

Joining D* was the first step of many to win back my #privacy online and stop supporting bad application. Long time this was waiting inside me.
Since it could be useful to others and because I still need some #help to solve some remaining issues, here is a brief "before/after" list :

- #Gmail ~~
Most difficult service to replace. This one is for me the best equation including social responsibility, privacy, email extension convenience, user interface not too far behind Gmail
- #Drive #storage ~~ #Owncloud at, free bundle for now
- #Drive #collaboration ~~ #Framapad for text and have to try framacalc to see if powerful enough for sheet
- #Drive #share ~~ #Framadrop for temporary sharing and my owncloud otherwise
- #Agenda ~~ ... my notebook, no IT, just some paper and the #bulletjournal approach
- #Google ~~ #DuckDuckGo
- #Hangout / #Skype ~~ #Framatalk based on #JitsiMeet
- #Chat ~~ no solution :'( someone has one ? #HELP
- #GoogleMap ~~ #Openstreetmap
- #Pocket ~~ #Framabag based on #Wallabag
- #Facebook / #Twitter ~~ #Diaspora*
- #Smartphone ~~ my #Fairphone let you choose and #android with our without #googleapps, I'll just reset it !
- was already using #Firefox (ouf ! at least, one was right ^^)

If you have any suggestion or solution for the chat / instant messaging, feel free :) I really don't know how to get rid of messenger or whatsapp... Using them a lot and removing those will make a severe cut with my friends and family...

A big thanks to #Framasoft and their project "Dégooglisons l'internet"
#howto #ungoogle #needhelp #onlinerebirth #toomuchtags
we need a way to connect to the internet without going through corporate thieves like comcast, frontier, verizon, etc. many are too poor to pay for access. something needs to be done before herr trumpf cut us off. a free high speed link via local phone call or something needs to be put in place. lets put the greedy suckers out of biz!!

For chat, diaspora pods can support the federated XMPP protocol if the admin enables it. There is also Signal for encrypted texting. The hard part is getting others to join you.

@goth1856 you can look at Open Garden for social mesh networking with different devices. The problem is that in order to maintain connectivity across the world it takes a massive amount of investment to install and support. More can be done to support local municipal networks but those will still rely on Internet backbone providers.

Yeah, that's my problem with chat, it works with the people you know and they use conventional chat system. So I did at least one solution to stay in touch with them. Completely cutting the link is not the solution. You have to show that your actions are not extreme to make people follow you.
@goth, interesting but very hard for now to apply :)

for the chat, i started reading about this addition to the #Prosody chat service that Diaspora Pods can run, seems you can connect to additional services that you have an account with. I'd like to get some other #Podmins to weigh in, if anyone has tried this already?

We had ARPANET and freenets via a local free connection that has been hyjacked by greed. Time to take it back by force if need be. The current mess is total bullshit.

BTW, the web was funded by taxpayers like me. It should forever remain free to all.
So yea, I want MY internet back.

Speaking with the background of a systems network admin, there is simply no way to create a totally free and open internet. If you burned down the current system and started from scratch, what you would get is isolated mini networks in small neighborhoods that couldn't talk to others on the other side of their own city, much less someone on the other side of the country or the world. The structures that allow interconnection of networks benefit from the economies of scale with these large companies, something small disperse communities would struggle with at best. To burn it down and start over would cut out millions of the most disadvantaged and underprivileged people who lack the technology, money, or resources to build and maintain complex networks.

What we should focus on instead is strong #NetNutrality regulation to ensure that these large networks cannot throttle connections, deny access, or abuse their power.

Also, sorry @sofiann for turning your welcome post into a bit of a forum :)

not buying it. we just need to figure out how to bypass the current mess.