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Federated XMPP chat (and more) with Movim: A success story

Some fundamental information about the XMPP based movim social network.

#xmpp #jabber #movim #federation #freesoftware #socialnetwork #php

Federated XMPP chat (and more) with Movim: A success story

There are many reasons to be unhappy with current social media sites and chat applications. For a long time, there was no viable alternative, especially not, if you wanted usability and integration. Now there is hope, with Movim.
The downsides of OSNs
Online Social Networks, such as Facebook or Go
And you can also call with Movim ;-), #webrtc powa!

looks very nice to me. the guys should join forces with diaspora...

I like Movim, but seriously wonder why it’s not as popular as e.g. Mastodon or Diaspora for that matter.

Debacle, you’re of course right. I hope we will soon get truly decentralised and cross-platform “social networks” that will actually gather enough critical mass to become the norm.

hi there, I'm a developer of Salut à Toi.

In our case it's easy to understand why we are less known that other software: we refuse to use twitter, facebook and stuff like github for various reasons, we communicate mostly via free software and networks (even if from time to time we do an exeption, I have submited a couple of stories on hacker news for instance, and since recently I've started to do some contributions on github). Also we have been saying so far that our software is for test only and no ready for production, this will change with next release.

Beside that, there is definitely a new attraction around XMPP, seing how quickly it evolves at the moment, and the growing popularity and some projects (Conversations and Movim mainly).

It's also hard to communicate and develop the project at the same time (I've attented a lot of event, it's always time, energy and money consuming). I hope that the different free networks will be able to communicate between them, and for that we need open protocols, that's one of the reason of our choice of XMPP.

Awesome stuff, ...but yes, PR is hard to do next to actually working on code. BTW, did I see correctly that you also have an NGO behind SàT? That must also be quite some overhead... we have a non profit association behind the project (a French 1901 association), it is mostly to have a legal entity (which would give pay to people involved if one day we can). yes it's really important indeed, but extremely time consuming, we would need some help on this side actually. That makes sense, yes. If it turns out that’s too much of an overhead, there are now 3 umbrella organisations in Europe aimed at providing a legal entity for just such occasions for FOSS projects. I’m working with two of them and am currently drafting an article for LWN on this.

In any case, SàT and Movim both show a lot of promise and I’m happy to spread the word :D