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Install Dino on Debian-based Systems

If you run Debian testing or unstable, you may install dino-im directly from Debian experimental. Easy.

If you run Debian stable, or Ubuntu, or Mint etc. there are some more steps involved. Make sure, your system has GTK3 version 3.22 at least. This is required by Dino. E.g. for Ubuntu this means 17.04 or newer. Also, you may need to install some development tools and libraries. During the build, you'll see which one are missing on your system. I did not try this myself, this is just what I hope should work - quick and dirty:Good luck!

#debian #ubuntu #mint #dino #xmpp

In the Dino MUC, people pointed me to the overview of upstream packages:
There you can find packages for Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Nix, S.u.S.E., and Ubuntu.

I was unable to connect to and to try a different server, the option to see manage accounts was not available at all. It only shows start conversation or join conference options.

@Pirate Praveen** (j4v4m4n) Maybe you could join the MUC and ask about this issue. In general: Dino is not yet stable software nor does it have all features one would expect from a IM client. It is work in progress (I don't plan to upload it to Debian unstable anytime soon). If you need a working XMPP client, use Gajim! :~)

I just wanted to see how it is. I don't use xmpp these days, I moved to matrix.