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Purism collects half the money for Librem 5!

Purism does better than I hoped! After a little bit more than half of the time (33 days passed, 27 still to go), they have half the money (51%) of the 1.5 million USD they need. I'm positively surprised!

Now the other half it is up to you! If you like to have a phone that respects your privacy (so does promise Purism), runs a mainstream Linux distro (PureOS/Debian by default, the most important point for me personally), and has strong focus on freedom and security, please consider supporting their crowd funding campaign!

As long as they do not reach their goal there is no risk. Your credit card will not be charged before they reach their target. If the reach the 1.5 million USD, they will charge you. Then there is the risk, that they will fail, of course. I think, that they will not fail, because they have some experience with building hardware and they have capable people on board. But, hey, no risk, no fun!

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i am interessted in a dev kit - but i have questions:

is it a full phone when screwed together?

does it take sim-cards from my Provider?

which "various sensors" may be in the package, how do i get more?

is there any deeper information about it?

No idea. Ask them! On the linked page, there is a contact address. I'm pretty sure, that they don't know yet. They start with the "real" development, when they have the money. At the moment it is all open, I assume.

@Thomas Fellinger No idea. Ask them! On the linked page, there is a contact address. I’m pretty sure, that they don’t know yet. They start with the “real” development, when they have the money. At the moment it is all open, I assume.

ok i thought your more "inside" because of the text.

I backed Purism on their laptop campaign some time go. Never did see that laptop.
I'd rather not waste my money again.

Never forget: They collected half the money of what? The price-tag of 1.5Mio USD is just an (very rough) estimate of how much it needs to develop and build this device. In fact it looks just like a random number they made up of - dunno - huh? (Why it's not 1.370.000 USD? This would be more a price tag with an calculation behind it)

No guarantee here, that it's enough, or maybe too much. There's also no guarantee that this device will ever see the light!

But I hope the best! A really free smartphone would be a game-changer! But never forget, there had been others who tried and failed already...

I will contribute shortly. Just have to fill out the intl bank transfer form with the right values.

i'm thinking of backing them, even though i have no interest in getting a mobile phone.
...for all the other poor saps out there who currently have little option but to accept prisonware, if they have a need of a mobile phone.

@Christopher Raday What laptop campaign was this? I don't know much about Purisms history, but saw their booth with existing hardware recently. I personally prefer notebook computers with real RJ45 Ethernet, so Purism is not my first choice, but otherwise they looked very good. Maybe you can share your negative experience here? it was in 2014 on After they couldn't deliver the laptops at the supplied price, they started another crowd funding campaign somewhere else for an open tablet. I don't think many of those were ever delivered.

@Christopher Raday I see. Well, I would be angry and frustrated, too, if I had paid for a crowd funding that in the end does not work out. Let's hope, that this time, they do better.

How they thought they can produce anything with only 34% of 150000 USD, is their secret. This time they have 110% of 1500000, i.e. 32 times the money (and 11 days still to go). Either they deliver or they better hide on a sunny island!