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#Google's #Cookies geh'n mir auf den Keks! - Des #PudelsKern!

Bemerkst du, wie in weitem Schneckenkreise
Er um uns her und immer näher jagt?
Und irr ich nicht, so zieht ein Feuerstrudel
Auf seinen Pfaden hinterdrein.

#Goethe, #Faust, Vers 1152 ff.

Observe the ample spiral turns
enclosing and racing ever closer!
Unless I'm wrong I see a trail of fire
follow swirling in his wake.

Copyright © for the literary translation: Peter Salm

#FaustbyGoethe, #poetry, #literature, #poem, #Poesie, #Literatur, #Gedicht
#DSGVO, #GDPR, #RGPD, #Datenschutz, #dataprotection, #leak, #passwords, #privacy, #Datenpanne
#Stasi 2.0, #GoogleIsWatchingYou, #SpitzelCookies

@Erwin Müller Beautiful dog and nice dynamic Goethe's quatrain. I could not get the main point of the post but as it apparently is dealing with ggl I'm not loosing much for sure. Best regards.

Idiom: Auf den Keks gehen - to get on sb.'s nerves
Keks = Cookie
Salutations amicales

@Erwin Müller Aha. Are you really on Linux ? If yes, what's your point ? Easy or need some geek neurones ?

@Vladimir Mit freundlische grüssen.

@Vladimir It's easy with Linux Mint. I prefer the Cinnamon desktop. In a live version, Linux starts completely from DVD or USB stick. The own hard disk remains unchanged and as long as one wants invisible (unmounted).
Download ISO file. Burn DVD. Getting started.
I still use the Mint version 18.1, Serena, Cinnamon 64 bit (Google knows):
The current version is 19.1, Tessa: (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
There are many other mirrors.

@Vladimir Linux is OpenSource and better.

@Erwin Müller ahem ! I'll have to digest all this info.
At this time I have a iMac and a little chromebook ChromeOS.