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Georg Lukas writes:
in the last weeks we've seen that XMPP is too hard for the WhatsApp generation. Instead of blaming them for not understanding federation, we should make it as easy as possible to use XMPP (IM) in a secure fashion.

#xmpp #federation #im

[Standards]Easy XMPP

I just don't see why email is totally clear and everyone understands and xmpp isn't

Noone can tell me they "don't understand federation". Maybe they don't know the word but they use it every day.

It is easy though? With conversations finding a free service provider might be difficult if you dont want to pay for convosations.

Other then that its pretty easy, theres a drop down menu for security, Omemo and OTA are there by default and PGP is an option if you opt to install it.

Its really easy if you use Omemo and know a service provider if you use convosations, Though using others, pidgin doesnt have Omemo so we really need to make sure thats in everything.

Not saying it couldnt be better it most definatly could, just other then on the client side I dont know how you could make xmpp easier, just need to make current features available out of box and in an easy way with a modern looking gui.

XMPP is a disaster. I'd love to see a decent peer to peer system for distributed communications that didn't require people to run or use a server, but somehow solved the discovery/authenticity problem.

I gave up on trying to find a decent client some time ago and just keep one of the sucky ones on just in case one of the < 10 people I have on XMPP decides to write to me.

XMPP really needs: * good clients * multi-device message support in enough server stacks so you can actually see your old conversations on the road that you just did on your desktop * sticker packs * image attachments of modern size * audio messages

This is what any of the centralized services do. This is what needs to be competed with. And yes it's doable, it just requires money, which means corporations adopting XMPP and running public services. But if the XMPP spec can't be adopted by corporations, there will be no money and no competition.

Of course XMPP can stay the geeky thing no normal person has ever heard of instead :)

@jason With conversations and OMEMO other then sticker packs everything in your list should work.

Conversations on android with on the server is the gold standard every other client and server needs to follow. On, we already have all the necessary modules for good mobile support. is our next target. has the list of modules you need to enable on the server.

I agree things could be made better and conversations is already a game changer for xmpp.

Chloe Johnson, you can suggest, we have all features of

With conversations

What if I don't use Android? ;)

Make your xmpp client as good as conversations. Run a crowd funding campaign, fund someone to implement the missing features.

@Jason I know that feel, we need something more like telegram as in, its everywhere, desktop, on all 4 os's, on phone, even natively available on sailfish and Ubuntu Phone.

We need something as good as convocations on every platform. thats good :) I hope it gets into all diaspora pods, it would be really useful :)