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Hello diaspora* friends,

I have an unusual request. To get this request fulfilled by someone on diaspora* would be about 1 chance in a billion! But, let's give it a try...

I need a photo of the Southern Railway depot in the town of Valdese, NC. The photo should be, preferably from the 1950s, but 1940s or 1960s will be okay, since ole timey train depot's changed very little over the years.

Please share this message with your diaspora* friends and any other social media platforms that you use.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

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Hei, perhaps you'd be more in luck by contacting the history museum of Burke county, chances are they have or might know who has photographs of that era.
If for nothing else but curiosity, found older photo of Valdese from the early 1900s
That's a challenge... Let's see.
Here's also something, but I guess the pictures are too old:
Excuse me sir,
But why do you need this photo? need the photo for personal reasons.
@KAOS thank you for the link. Those older photos might come in handy for a project I am working on.
@Fabio you are a great researcher! Thanks for the link. That circa 1940 photo is almost exactly what the depot looked like when I worked there in 1957. Old train depots didn't change much over the years....probably because the railroad tracks didn't change
Thank you, but that's not my work :D
I only linked you the post by @Delib which replied on a separated thread than this, of which you would not have been notified otherwise
@TheFifthSeason thanks for the Burke County History Museum hint. I will check with them.
would be about 1 chance in a billion!
Cool this worked for you and even so quick 👍
@Ta Deus My heart is overflowing with thanks for the wonderful people on diaspora* that responded with helpful information and links.

And, so many people shared the request across different platforms.

Even though I was born and lived in Valdese, NC during the first 30 years of my life, I learned things about my hometown I didn't know!
Dear, kindly, throw a bone from the master's table - I mean tell me how, it's so fucking awesome to find these separated threads and be able to unite them all...
at least share a hint (throw a bean). kisses
@Fabio might not be your 'work'...but you know how to 'connect the dots' to keep the info link flowing.

BTW, for those interested, this research started when my granddaughter gave me a early Christmas present. A subscription to Check it out.
@Wayne Smith I feel that my 'work' is to connect between the people with very different 'world view'... Where do think I should to start? maybe a starting point would be to refrain from using what some consider vulgar language.
Wayne, You know, I'm very glad to meet you. I'm apologize about my vulgar language, I don't use it in my regular life... It just seemed to me, that the zombie apokalipsis already happened... And your tired to call for someone living, you are get angry and begin to beat the people, what's the matter, anyway noone feels... Imean, I just was long time alone...
So, do you really alive? Could you please to share with me the defenition of "Truth"

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