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Antipope: Amazon: malignant monopoly, or just plain evil? - Charlie's Diary

(I've written before on this blog, notably in 2012, about how to understand Amazon's business strategy. Consider this an update.) Last week, began removing the pre-order links from titles by the publishing group Hachette.
Your profile is great! Not many reshares, interesting content. However it is unfortunate that there are no tags. This is means many users (like me so far) miss all these great posts (or cannot find them if they are looking for something specific). Anyway, thank you for your posts.

I'm posting from friendica, where tags works quite differently (they are local, and pretty useless), so I never got into the habit of using them.

I know people who follows me from diaspora is seeing them as diaspora tags, so I may try to use them a bit more, and maybe they will work over there.

Ah! You are on friendica... That explains it then. I wonder how is it on friendica with searching old posts - does it work with keywords? On d* it only works with tags. I'm glad I found your profile and added it (so I'm looking forward to your posts with or without tags...).

Yeah, it works with keywords; I'm not sure about the scope, however (I think it searches among all posts received by the person and/or the instance)

maybe @Fabio knows?