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Hey, Fediverse!

How's your weekend going?

I'm planning to update my operating systems during the holidays, let's hope I don't destroy everything 😊
be careful! i updated my laptop (encrypted disk) to linux 4.19 and now it says:

"Volume group not found, cannot process it"

so now i have to choose to boot "with linux 4.9.0" from grub 😕 i have it pending to solve
Argh! Now I'm afraid 😱
i wasn't. that was the problem 😂 but maybe you should.. 👻
anyway, that's because of the encryption, and i'll probably have to remake the partition table or something like that.. no idea, but sure it has a solution.
if you don't mess with encrypted disks, i don't think you'll have any trouble
I don't, I'm simple 😂

For me the problem is that I always forget how I configured my OS the last time, that's why I have a blog.
Learning how to use ansible to configure my laptop has reduced my stress levels a lot: now if I don't remember something I can just check the ansible playbook, and mostly importantly whatever happens I know that in a few hours I can go from nothing to a fully configured laptop with everything that I need on it with almost no manual intervention:

* install debian from netinstall with almost no tasksel (ok, this requires some accepting of default values and a couple of personal choices)
* put a public key in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
* run ansible to install everything I need and do all systemwide configuration
* login as my user and run mr checkout to clone all repositories with my projects, data (git-annex) and dotfiles (vcsh) to configure whatever is left to be configured per-user

Up to now I've only done it to configure a new machine / change hard disk, and that was completely stress-free; I guess that in cases that are not planned there would be a bit more stress, but much less than the alternatives.

Of course, this approach only works with a linux machine and in my setup requires being used to use ssh with a key (this is usually a big source of stress when my SO needs to access my data/project repositories :( )
One day I'll try something like this, probably just for the sake of playing and learning :D

For the moment, as I only use Emacs, the configuration has been quite pain free.

i solved it like this (until linux +4.9 comes on debian 9 "stretch" main sources):

sudo apt remove linux-image-4.19.0
sudo apt remove linux-image-

so now it boots on 4.9.0-4 and asks for my password to "unlock disk sda3_crypt" without any trouble 😇
i don't remember why i added "unstable debian" to `apt/sources.list`, but it definitively was a bad idea 😂
It's called unstable for a reason 😂

I'm glad you solved it! (and shared!)
tbh I ran Debian unstable for years, and it gave me surprisingly few problems. It's actually pretty stable most of the time.

And adding an "unstable" line to sources.list basically means running unstable, if you ever did an "apt upgrade" 😕
Y haciendo pasta fresca para lasaña!
Of course :D

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