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People of the Fediverse, I need your help...

What is the best ad-blocker addon for #Firefox?

I recommend using a combination of uBlockOrigin and uMatrix. With both, you can seriously clean up your browsing experience and not just block ads but trackers and profilers of all sorts. uMatrix also gives you useful insight into what 3rd parties websites are connecting to 😉

Why both? Isn't that redundant--or am I missing something?

uBlock Origin blocks ads, while uMatrix is for manual fine-control (everything is blocked by default, except first-party + images&css from any domain)

I'd also recommend you to add extra lists (to block stuff such as social media button, cookie popup, etc.) to your uBlock Origin, see:

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Screenshot of the UI might open it up more:

I just use noscript, untrust by default everything except for maybe 5 websites, mark as explicitely untrusted a handful of clear trackers and enable temporarily what I need to visit each individual website.

Yes, it is painful, but it helps me decide whether I really want to visit that website and at what price.