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I'm sorry, I can't ignore. Who is on stage?
The band of the cousin of my girlfriend "Last Decision" :D
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Weird name for a girlfriend but I'm progressive, I don't judge.
haha, I think I will try to call her with that name and see what happens :D
Well, that one arrived. Should it not?
It should, I just restructured some major parts of Friendica and try some thins, which are not "standard"
@Philipp Holzer thoug, it does not... by chance I did post something to a forum today, but it did not arrive...

I'm using develop at c0db96e84f51639cd2d8bdc1fbe5f67c413a5f7c.
hm, I didn't (intentionally) fixed something with the current branch, so maybe you can open an issue for it so we can trace/fix it?
@Philipp Holzer re-tried it with the current develop fd95930a6dfba31c3dc3959ec072aca3e8ae8c73 but it does not work with that.

What version are you using?
What I did:

  • Clicked at "Friendica Developers" under "Forums" inside the left navbar
  • Opened a new Topic per pencil-button
@Philipp Holzer as it is still a problem (for me with @Berliner Luft at least I have not checked all forums; both nodes are on develop branch) I've opened 10966

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