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just found this silly bit in my nginx config :3
location /wp-login.php {
    return 301 "";
in reply to Johann150 ⁂ :ipv6: :open_access: ☮

last time there was a scraper going around, I thought I'd see if their code could handle emoji return codes.

if ($http_user_agent ~* (FedSearch) ) {
return 503 '🍍';

in reply to Johann150 ⁂ :ipv6: :open_access: ☮

Mine takes advantage of "pre-compressed static files" (they're stored and sent as gzip data, and the client treats it as transport compression) to send a 100GB null-bomb for that. It only weighs in at around 10MB compressed, and will crash pretty much anything using standard request frameworks.
in reply to Ben Lavery-Griffiths

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