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I'm thinking of pulling #WhipsNFangs off of non-Amazon retailers and registering it for KU. I've never put a book in KU before. I really hate how hard Amazons been pushing for a walled garden set up.

But I can't help being curious about if it would actually make a difference in terms of reaching readers...
can you go back after a reasonable span of time if it doesn't help that much?
oh, and in case it doesn't work, can you talk about it, or are you going to be stuck under an NDA? in the former case maybe there are experiences from other authors somewhere around the internet, instead of just Amazon's claims?
If I remember correctly once you sign up you are committed for 90 days. If there's an NDA I never heard of it, and authors talk about being on KU all the time, so I doubt it.

Other author experiences have been mixed and it's a lot harder to get noticed on KU than it used to be, partly algorythm change partly sheer number of books on there now.

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