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My latest startup manufactures and sells safety helmets for desk workers who bang their head on their desk out of frustration.

Fabio reshared this.

you could pivot to selling padded furniture and keyboards to bang heads to.
@cos Please to not be leaking my confidential proprietary plans to get massive VC funding. At least you didn't say anything about the plan to use AI to decide when to launch self defense measures and evacuation rockets.
@cos Oh dear, I forgot to use my end-to-end encrypted font, didn't I?
no worry, just paste your private key here to increase security.
Next one will be a full body suit.
So you can calmly go to the bathroom, it will blow up to a full body pillow and you then can start your outburst of fury without harming anyone. ✊​
in 3... 2... 1...
Are you looking for investors?

I'd suggest a keyboard airbag that triggers preemptively when an engineer receives a mail from sales
@larsmb Absolutely looking for investors. This is going to be big. Huge, even.
Also desks and keyboards that cause less injury by breaking more easily, but one can make more money from selling replacements

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may I suggest a premium service, so the built in airbags will only fire if you have a valid subscription?
I'm thinking that I want mine with antlers, or horns... or maybe just cat ears?

No, wait! Shark teeth! 🦈

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