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Let's have some more #corn updates! It's not just corn, of course - my "three sisters" patch is literally in full bloom now. As well as the first ears of corn appearing, I have flowers on the beanstalks and my first pumpkin flower too!

Due to the corn maturing at incredibly different rates, I've been out there hand-pollinating the corn each morning. I have three stalks with various sized ears now, all starting to grow nicely.

#florespondence @plants #gardening
Tiny white flower on a beanstalk that's wrapped around a corn leaf
Big yellow pumpkin flower close to the ground surrounded by bean leaves
A very small, young ear of corn with long fibrous strands off the top of it
Very low to the ground photo showing beans, the base of corn stalks and pumpkin flowers close to opening
how tall is the corn?
tallest one is a bit over my head, so I'd say a touch over six feet. That one has 4 ears growing on it now.
Gotta say, I love that picture I took of the bottom of the garden bed. Looks very other-worldly. I might go snap some more from that perspective as the pumpkins flower some more.
that is a cool pic. Looks like the patch is growing really well
it's astonishing how well it's going. I've got some of the same beans and pumpkins growing in different places and they're nowhere near as enthusiastic as this lot.

Some of it might be down to fertiliser though, I had half a bag of surplus cow manure that I dug into the ground when I first set up the patch. The others don't have that as a base.
they are very hungry feeders, so that probably is what that patch is dong so well.
gardencam when? i could bring over that battered samsung phone i found in the street last week. the camera works fine. it'd be an excuse to get out of the house.
you don't need an excuse to come over, just bring a guitar. I have been having Ideas.
should take the SE70 for a spin, yes!
*searches "how to correct guitar intonation" on youtube*
I once had a great time in a SA thread where some guy was trying to adjust the intonation on an electric sitar and I did a pretty good impersonation of someone who knew what he was talking about just by google searching all his questions, when to this day I still couldn't actually tell you what "intonation" actually means.
also, this is the longest, most painful guitar tuning joke i have ever heard.
huh. this is what i've been listening to lately.
Nothing better than eating veg out of your own garden. Well done!

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