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Things done today:

I've installed "pipewire", "pipewire-pulse", "pipewire-alsa", "pipewire-jack-dropin". Now my desktop audio runs entirely on #pipewire and I can send the audio of one firefox tab thru jack-rack and back into something else input.. mmmh niiiice...
My BT headphone works also (and I can route audio to different outputs also... aaah), but unfortunately my USB external audio card doesn't shows up. Kernel log looks ok, alsa can see it, but on pulseaudio side can't be found. On pavucontrol I can see it (if it is connected on session startup) with profile "off", and it's the only profile available. Any ideas are welcome!

I've modified my personal vps ansible playbook from using certbot to acme-tiny. Certbot was sending me mail like "Your system is not supported by certbot-auto anymore." and official website tells you to use snap to install it ... ah ah ah ah ah.. yes. wait for it.

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