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Probably everybody here knows this already, but I only found it out today: #federation @Gruppo Linux Como

It's striking how popular mastodon became. And d* still has hundreds of thousands users while all the others (friendica, hubzilla, red, etc.) have alltogether less than twenty thousand. It's interesting to see the numbers, I thought friendica has more users.

I'm sure that friendica has at least a handful more users than that (the server I'm on isn't listed) :)

I do wonder if friendica has more small servers that didn't bother to get listed over there, or if it feels populated because it's able to talk with people on many other platforms.

The size of mastodon is pretty great, indeed, and even if there are a few big servers it looks like they don't have a big central server issue (*cough*

If you are admin you can see the server statistics here: /admin/federation/

The numbers from my server (Servers / Registered users):

  • Friendica (331/12866)
  • diaspora (241/618706)
  • red (11/115)
  • hubzilla (182/3725)
  • GNU Social (178/11055)
  • StatusNet (12/136)
  • Mastodon (2080/1279502)
  • pleroma (215/2256)
  • socialhome (3/592)
  • ganggo (1/99)