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I'm trying to reduce my cell phone usage gradatively every day. Call it a data diet if you may; I envy in a good way those who manage to live a 21st century life without a phone, perhaps I'll reach that level one day. I'm planning to take these extra steps these coming weeks to force myself to reduce phone usage when moving around the city:
  • If I'm going anywhere closer than a car ride away from home or office, I won't take my phone with me.
  • If I'm going to be away from home or office for less than 3 hours, I won't take my phone with me.
  • If the place I'm going has a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot, I won't take my phone with me, regarless of time or distance (I'll take my laptop instead).
Notes: I mention "office" because, like my house, it's one of the places where I'm well-known to hang around often. It's no secret to anyone, so there's little gain in obfuscating it. Also, no. 3 is especially useful during a trip far away since there my phone becomes less useful than a laptop because it cannot make calls anymore.

I don't know if it'll make much of a difference in the long run, but right now, any measure that helps make me used to using my phone less times a day is welcome. Who knows, perhaps next step is to cancel my carrier subscription.
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