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I totally agree.

I wonder if I should rewrite #Jehanne in a different language from #C, a language that is even simpler, less cleaver and more readable.

#Oberon seems a good candidate, but I think it's still not simple and readable enough.

The problem then becomes what language to use. Or to create such language.

Which in turn move the distributed operating system more far.

For now I stick to C.
But I know I will regret this.

@DJWalnut @clacke

@Gruppo Linux Como
Friclicli: Friendica CLI client
@Friendica Developers

I started to work on a CLI client for Friendica named friclicli. At the moment I'm working on the foundation of the client: A C library (called libfriclient) with functions representing Friendica API routes (one function per route). The client will use a curses interface (probably ncurses). To make requests to the Friendica API the libcurl library will be used. JSON data will be processed using the cJSON library.

The source code repository is here:

The client will be programmed in C and licensed under the GPLv3+.

#Friendica #Client #CLI #C