New match sprint for Conservancy supporters

Announcing a new match sprint for 150 Supporters - Software Freedom Conservancy

Conservancy is excited to announce that an anonymous donor has agreed to match 150 new or renewing Supporters. They’ve challenged us to meet the goal quickly: the match starts now along with FOSDEM in Brussels, and runs about a week to the end of Monday, February 13 (noon on Tuesday, February 14 UTC).
If you're not a supporter yet (or you were, but didn't renew during the previous match), you have another chance for your donation to count twice, but it won't last long.

In case you're wondering why it is important to support Conservancy, you can look at the services they provide to Free Software projects.

I would also recommend looking at the video for Bradley M. Kuhn's keynote at FOSDEM, but it's still not available and may not be in time for the match sprint (so I recommend to donate first, watch the video later :) ).