Fair trade ebooks: how authors could double their royalties without costing their publishers a cent

My latest Publishers Weekly column announces the launch-date for my long-planned "Shut Up and Take My Money" ebook platform, which allows traditionally published authors to serve as retailers for their publishers...
This looks like an excellent way for authors to cut the middleman who is working against their interest while keeping the useful one.

Probably works better for established authors, but for everybody else there are also platforms like storybundle to help them become established; also the article mentions a variant managed by the publisher themselves for multiple authors.

It is also quite likely to work more in the interest of customers, see the way the shop sells to everybody and then takes care to find out which publisher should get the money depending on the location, and I didn't see the absence of DRM being mentioned, but really hope that it is the case, because Cory Doctorow.