Blue capelet

A few weeks ago I was passing by the haberdashery stall at the market and saw some nice blue and white 5 cm high lace; I got back a few days later wearing my blue tunic, confirmed that the colors were matching and bought "3 meters, well, if it's not that much more *all* of it".

Then I stumbled on this, and while I didn't exactly read it (more like recognizing a few words and simple phrases here and there) the pictures were clean enough and I had an idea on how to use the leftover fabric from the blue tunic.


Making most of it, including attaching the lace and assembling the collar with iron-on interfacing took a couple of hours. Then I attached the collar and realized that it wasn't elastic enough and my head didn't enter in the capelet anymore. Unmaking and remaking that part took maybe 3-4 additional hours, in two days :(
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